Sol - Sun

Pardus - Leopard

As I scrolled through Instagram looking for support, I stumbled upon someone commenting on the leopard like print that showed as her psoriasis began to heal in the sun. Previously I had felt self-conscious of the pigment disparities and blotches but this image reframed the way I saw myself. The comments suggested I could take pride in those spots. They showed the progress I had made. They showed my strength and served as a reminder that while healing ebbs and flows I am so capable.

When I’m out in the sun trying to help my psoriasis move into these pale leopard spots, I want to embody that Instagram comment. I want to feel proud. I want to catch a glimpse in the mirror and see someone confident with courage. I want my clothes to help me realise this blip in my healing doesn’t change who I am. I can still look like myself. I can still be me. My skin doesn’t define me and it certainly shouldn’t control me.

Clothes should make you feel good! So why did so many of my comfy clothes make me feel bad about myself?

So many of my comfy clothes over the years have ended up being the baggiest, most unflattering things I’ve worn. With psoriasis or eczema many aspects of what we look like are out of our control, but what we wear can help to shift this mindset into healing. What you wear can bring you comfort and also confidence, something my psoriasis had robbed me of in the past. Sometimes feeling good in your clothes in comfort and style is just the boost you might need to take on what the day will most likely hurl your way.

More than just finding clothes that feel good, and aren’t irritating, you want to look good, because if you look good you feel confident and hopefully get back to a happier you. It’s amazing how projecting confidence and positivity with clothing can empower the body to move towards healing. Mental health plays a large role in autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis and something as simple as clothing can be a great start.

With all this in mind, Solpardus is:

  • Skin friendly  
  • Breathable
  • Sophisticated
  • Confidence boosting
  • Ethical
  • And made (in England!) with all natural materials

You don’t have to wait for your skin to catch up with you in order to wear what makes you feel good. 

Solpardus women empowered in skin loving bamboo and linen. Saba linen shirt Thea bamboo onepiece Atti linen shorts. All natural ethical sustainable sunwear swimwear linen clothing perfect for sensitive skin psoriasis and eczema

Whether you’re in full flare or starting to see those leopard spots come through, you can feel comfortable and confident. 


I am strong. 

I am brave. 

I am resilient. 

I am unstoppable. 

I am a sun leopard. 

I am Solpardus.

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