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All natural bamboo swimwear and linen clothing, sustainably and ethically made in England, combining timeless flattering designs with skin-friendly materials

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Solpardus - Sun Leopard

“In 2021, through the struggle to find swimwear that wouldn’t aggravate my then inflamed psoriasis, I fruitlessly searched for natural swimwear in the UK. I needed comfort, but still wanted to look good and feel confident. I knew I didn’t want anything synthetic as any woman can attest to how tight, restrictive and uncomfortable traditional swimwear is! I knew I could do better, so I unearthed my old sewing machine, ordered some dreamily soft bamboo fabric and created the first iteration of our Solpardus “Thea Bikini”. It was a success and allowed me to comfortably sit outside, helping my psoriasis patches move into the pale leopard spots often seen when flares begin healing…and so, under the Cornish sun, ‘Sol’-‘pardus’/‘Sun-leopard’ was born!”


(Solpardus Founder)

Why ‘Solpardus’?

Solpardus is proud to be the first clothing brand with a focus on both skin comfort and style

Perfect for sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema or anyone tired of uncomfortable synthetic swimwear!

Pair your bamboo swimwear with our super soft linen collection…

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