British made, natural sunwear for all your clothing woes

Perfect for psoriasis and eczema, your skin will thank you in our natural bamboo collection…

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Solpardus is proud to be the first clothing brand with a focus on both skin comfort and style

…no longer will we suffer in silence…

Pair your bamboo with our super soft linen collection…

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Solpardus playful at Trebah gardens. Nyx linen hat Thea bamboo onepiece Atti linen trousers Atti linen shorts Saba linen shirt. All natural ethical sustainable sunwear swimwear linen clothing perfect for sensitive skin psoriasis and eczema

Solpardus - Sun Leopard

For many years there has been the notion that “fashion is pain” and that keeping up with trends means constantly revamping your wardrobe. Solpardus is here to put your mind at ease, with timeless investment pieces you will wear year after year in both comfort and classic style. Never again need a woman suffer in her wardrobe, nor need she buy garment after garment due to lacking quality. Buying British and buying natural has never felt so good!

About Solpardus
  • What If The Sun Isn’t All Bad?

    Being over 4.5 billion years old we can assume there are at least a few things about the sun we are yet to learn. To this day, the sun provides the essential energy for life to function, with many scientists throughout history considering how people might benefit…

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  • Is Natural Swimwear Really Such A New Idea?

    I’m sure many people with psoriasis and eczema will relate when I say synthetic swimwear can be a nightmare for my skin. So, to be sat in the sun in a comfortable bikini and seeing my skin benefit too was a game changer.  Having struggled to find anything that fit the bill, my first homemade Solpardus bikini was made from our signature Thea bamboo fabric. But, the status quo of synthetic material for swimwear is actually a relatively new idea…

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  • Solpardus Delphi linen dress in production in Apparel Tasker in London

    Slowing Down to Ethical Fashion

    Before starting Solpardus I had always thought I was pretty aware of the ethics surrounding clothing manufacturing and the various stages a garment would go through before it ended up in my wardrobe. But starting my own business was an amazing eye opener into just how many people work on one seemingly simple garment…

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