We are often faced with the choice between feeling good and looking good, no more so than with itchy or sensitive skin. Solpardus was created to marry the two together and create clothes your skin will love. Garments perfect for psoriasis, eczema and sensitive skin.


Solpardus is a family run small business based in England, working with fellow small ethical suppliers across the country. Each garment is designed by Freya on the south coast of Cornwall and then manufactured in London.

Solpardus collection being manufactured in London at Apparel Tasker. Delphi linen dress. All natural ethical sustainable sunwear swimwear linen clothing perfect for sensitive skin psoriasis and eczema

We are proud to work with Apparel Tasker, who ensure that the process of manufacturing our garments is not only ethical but environmentally friendly. One example being, any unusable off-cuts of fabric are recycled into new materials for anything from insulation, to sports equipment filler, or even carpet underlay. In a world seemingly driven by fast fashion, Solpardus are proud to be bucking the trend and encouraging investments in core wardrobe pieces that will not only help your skin but ease your conscience. You can trust that all our garments are made from natural and ethically sourced materials, made by happy and well paid machinists.

Solpardus linens ready for production. Perfect fabrics for sensitive skin psoriasis and eczema

Each of our suppliers were chosen not only for their high quality goods but also their ethics and, more than anything, for being a joy to work with! 


We believe all these choices are evident by the quality of our garments and that your skin will reap the benefits!

Find out about the full lifecycle of a Solpardus garment here

Thank you for finding us and we encourage you to now find some solace for your skin!