As wonderful as the sun can be in brief bursts to heal our skin, the days of laying out for hours hoping to ‘get a tan’ are firmly behind us. After soaking up the benefits of the sun for 15 minutes or so we need to load up on suncream and protect our skin…but we needn’t kiss goodbye to that tan…

Here are a few of our best loved “fake” tan or self tanning products that will give you that summer glow without aggravating sensitive skin. 

Pai The Impossible Glow best tanning drops for sensitive skin psoriasis and eczema


I mentioned British skincare hero brand Pai in our Suncream Favourites and these glow drops are perfect to add on top of your suncream to give your face that sun kissed look without endangering your skin. You can either massage one or two drops of “The Impossible Glow Bronze” straight onto your skin for a deeper glow or mix one drop into your moisturiser for a subtle radiance. As a skincare brand, Pai haven’t skimped on the skin loving ingredients in their glow drops, with Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Kelp to hydrate, and Vitamin C-rich Lemon Fruit Water to give your skin that radiant glow from within!

Coco and Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam Medium best fake tan for sensitive skin psoriasis and eczema


Fake tan is often seen as a negative, whether it’s some bizarre feeling of ‘cheating’ or the nasty chemicals they often carry. Coco and Eve have managed to create a beautifully natural looking sun kissed tan with their “Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam” and the best part is it has zero nasties! Their “green-grey base” means you needn’t worry about turning orange and using their mitt leaves you streak free! There’s always the fear with ‘fake-tan’ that you’ll end up looking like you’ve been ‘tangoed’, but this foam formula leaves such a naturally warm look and has a yummy mango and guava scent rather than the typical giveaway biscuity smell.

Balance Me Skincare Gradual Tanning Drops best tan to add to moisturiser for sensitive skin psoriasis and eczema

Balance Me, GRADUAL TANNING DROPS 30ml - £33

Founded by two sisters, Clare and Rebecca Hopkins, Balance Me seeks to address the toll that long term stresses and fast paced living take on our health and skin. The sisters sought to “balance high-performance natural bio-actives that work, with sophisticated textures and a signature fragrance to balance your skin”, “to bring a moment of balance to everyone we touch, whilst being mindful of our planet.” 

Balance Me’s “Gradual Tanning Drops” are the perfect light addition to your moisturising routine and just add the perfect bronze hue. We love the ease of these little drops - just add 1-3 drops into your face cream or 5-8 drops to your body cream and massage into your skin. Easy and hassle free with 97.3% natural ingredients and made in Britain! 

As always, these are just a few of our ’Solpardus Favourites’ that work for us, but we would love to hear any of your recommendations. Do leave a comment in the box below to share your find with the community.

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