In a world of lotions and potions all geared towards nurturing our bodies, the health of our nails is often overlooked. We are constantly urged to take care of our skin and hair but rarely encouraged to consider the choices we’re making for our nails.

You may not know that, as well as skin and joints, nails can also be affected by psoriasis. Around 82% of people with psoriasis will see changes to their nails and this includes me!

As with psoriasis on the skin, symptoms of nail psoriasis may look different for each individual, but they can include…

  • Discolouration - Nails may develop yellow discolouration or white blotches. 

  • Pitting - You may see small holes on the surface of the nail that look like you have made small dents with the nib of a pen. These are the result of the hard keratin nail plate, that sits above the nail bed, losing cells.

  • Changes in Shape/Thickening - The structures supporting the nail may weaken leaving the nail plate vulnerable to damage. The nail may also thicken, either from a fungal infection (onychomycosis) or the psoriasis causing excessive skin production under the nail plate (subungual hyperkeratosis), the main cause of discomfort in nail psoriasis, and can lead to… 

  • Nail Bed Separation - The psoriasis developing under the nail plate can eventually cause the nail to come away from the nail bed (onycholysis). Trust me when I say there are few worse things than accidentally catching your loose nail on something…!

As someone who has always loved having painted nails, I was conflicted when I first noticed signs of nail psoriasis. Should I leave them bare to avoid my nails absorbing nasty chemicals? Should I put extra layers of nail varnish on to add protection to the nail? And if I did choose to wear nail varnish what should I go for?

After 16 years I think I have finally cracked it and found the brands giving the best products to help protect your nails (psoriasis or not!) and leave them feeling healthy and looking beautiful…


Nailberry have well and truly quelled all my nail varnish concerns with their range of award-winning and toxin-free L’Oxygéné polishes.

Starting life in Chelsea, London, as a luxury nail bar, Nailberry was created with a “sensitivity to health & wellness and a respect to the environment & nature”. Sonia Hully listened to the nail troubles her clients were having with dry and damaged nails. Nailberry then developed a range of luxurious toxin-free nail polishes that would help combat these common problems, whilst still being kind to nail health and the environment.

Using patented technology the L’Oxygéné range gives you oxygenated and moisture permeable polishes, with “absolutely no compromise on colour vivacity, shine or longevity”.

I love “Hot Coco” for the winter and live in “Simplicity” (pictured) for a natural look through the spring/summer.

Nailberry also have an Apothecary Edit for specialised nail treatments, my favourite being the “Acai Nail Elixir” as a base coat to strengthen, nourish and protect nails (minerals in the elixir also help to fill ridges and pitting and the subtle colour on its own is enough to conceal light discolouration).

Nailberry polishes are also free from 12 of the most commonly damaging ingredients:

1. Phthalates (including DBP)

2. Toluene

3. Formaldehyde

4. Formaldehyde Resin

5. Camphor

6. Xylene

7. Ethyl Tosylamide

8. Triphenyl Phosphate

9. Alcohol

10. Parabens

11. Animal Derivatives

12. Gluten

…all worth keeping an eye out for…!

Manicurist Paris, GREEN NAIL POLISH 15ml - £14

The “Green” range from Manicurist Paris uses only the “safest, healthiest and planet-friendly ingredients”. Bio-sourced, cruelty free and vegan, their Green nail polish uses 84% bio-sourced ingredients whist still providing a huge variety of beautifully pigmented colours.

Much like Nailberry, Manicurist Paris have “blacklist ingredients” that will never appear in their formulas. The polishes in their Green range are free from 12 of the most commonly damaging ingredients.

I tend to go for “Clove” which is a gorgeous deep brown with purple and burgundy hues, giving it a chocolatey warmth - delicious! 

As always, these are just a few of our ’Solpardus Favourites’ that work for us, but we would love to hear any of your recommendations. Do leave a comment in the box below to share your find with the community.

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